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Introducing FakeAGI, a ground-breaking tool that seamlessly marries artificial intelligence and goal management. Built on the versatile ChatGPT platform, FakeAGI allows you to automate your objectives by creating a dynamic interaction between your aims and AI agents. Simple tasks such as imputing your goals are transformed into efficient problem-solving activities, with the tool prioritizing new tasks for expedited solutions. A standout feature of FakeAGI is its adaptive behavior. By studying previously completed tasks, the tool learns and refines its algorithms for future tasks, providing a custom-tailored approach to goal automation. All your completed tasks are neatly logged into a Google spreadsheet, allowing for meticulous record-keeping and effortless tracking of progress. By integrating goals management with modern artificial intelligence, FakeAGI is setting a new standard in productivity tools.




Example Prompts


Can you recommend a good restaurant nearby?


What's the weather like in New York City today?


How do I reset my password for this website?


Can you tell me the schedule for the next train leaving from Grand Central Station?


I need to book a flight from Los Angeles to New York City, what are my options?


What's the current exchange rate for USD to EUR?


Can you suggest some good hiking trails in the Adirondacks?


Is there a pharmacy open nearby at this hour?


What's the phone number for the nearest hospital?


Can you help me find a hotel in Manhattan for next weekend?

Description for AI

ChatGPT creates tasks based on your goals, adapts its behavior by learning from past tasks, and prioritizes new tasks for efficient problem solving.

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