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Factiverse is an innovative tool transforming the landscape of online information verification. An AI-powered solution, it actively combs through the text to unearth sentences that might need fact-checking. It performs this task in real time, adding an unparalleled speed dimension to the activity of fact verification. The tool's unique point lies in its ability to cross-reference the flagged sentences with credible sources on the web. This delivers not just quick but also reliable and trustworthy verification. In an age where misinformation spreads quickly, Factiverse serves as a dependable ally, providing factual clarity instantly. Its neutral stance on content allows for unbiased fact-checking, making it a critical resource in the pursuit of truth in online discourse. By democratizing the fact-checking process, Factiverse is shaping up as an indispensable utility tool for anyone grappling with the veracity of online text.




Example Prompts


Can you check if this claim is true: "Eating chocolate every day reduces the risk of heart disease"?


I heard that "Regular exercise can prevent dementia". Is that true?


Is there any truth to the claim "Vaccines cause autism"?


Can you verify the claim "Drinking coffee can lead to weight loss"?


I read somewhere that "Eating eggs every day increases cholesterol levels". Is that correct?


Someone told me "Global warming is a hoax". Can you fact check this?


Can you check the accuracy of the statement "Frequent use of mobile phones causes brain cancer"?


Please fact check this claim: "Humans only use


Is it true that "You can see the Great Wall of China from space"?


Verify the claim "Drinking alcohol kills brain cells".

Description for AI

Spots sentences in any text that need fact-checking and verifies their factuality in real time by providing credible sources from the web.

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