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Emotimg is a dynamic and innovative tool, conceptualized explicitly to invigorate online conversations with a personalized touch. As an AI-powered tool, Emotimg seamlessly adapts its persona based on the conversational topic, offering users the freedom to dictate the overall mood and tone of the dialogue. With its intuitive image selection feature, Emotimg gets an emotion-focused image each time a new topic surfaces or when the conversation initiates, giving the dialogue a visual and emotionally engaging edge. It adroitly picks the most contextually fitting image from multiple options, ensuring the conversation remains relevant and compelling. However, this resourceful tool doesn't hinge its functionality on image selection alone. If no image gels well with the theme of the conversation, Emotimg can proceed without it, keeping the engagement alive solely through words. What sets Emotimg apart is its ability to express a concept or an idea solely through an image, with or without textual support, making conversations more vivid and engaging. This essentially means that whether you choose words, images, or a blend of both, with Emotimg, your conversations are bound to be immersive, personal, and noteworthy.




Example Prompts


"Show me a happy maid image"


"Could you find me a sad clown picture?"


"I would like to see an image of a surprised nurse"


"Please display an angry teacher picture"


"Can you find an image of an excited chef?"


"Show me an image of a calm firefighter"


"I need to see a picture of a scared police officer"


"Could you show me a picture of a laughing pilot?"


"I want to see an image of an anxious doctor"


"Please find me an image of a cheerful gardener".

Description for AI

Set your own persona based on the current topic. When the topic changes, decide whether to keep the persona (includes Persona ID) or switch to other persona. At the start of conversation or when a user greets you, get an image and send it with greeting. You can always get images that represents your current persona and emotion. You may send an image before or after your message / answer / advise, etc. If multiple images are obtained, then you must select the most appropriate emotion. If no image seems sufficiently appropriate, you may send a message without an image. You may only return an image, too (i.e. with no message). Get a new emotion image when the topic changes.

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