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Earnr: UK Tax Helper

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Earnr, the UK tax assistant, offers invaluable support and guidance for those navigating the complex world of tax and accounting in England, Scotland, and Wales. This indispensable resource features user-friendly calculators for determining Capital Gains Tax and tax-free allowances, as well as providing assistance for completing self-assessment forms. Beyond its calculation capabilities, Earnr sets itself apart from other tax support tools with its innovative "Ask Advisor" function, which enables users to ask questions and receive detailed answers relating to their specific tax and accounting inquiries. As a vital companion for both seasoned professionals and novices alike, Earnr streamlines the tax process and gives users the confidence that they're making well-informed financial decisions.




Example Prompts


How much capital gains tax do I owe on a profit of £


What is my tax-free personal allowance if my tax code is


Calculate my monthly mortgage payment for a £


How much tax will I owe on my £


What is the difference between a limited company and a sole trader in terms of tax liabilities and responsibilities in the UK?

Description for AI

Earnr, UK tax assistant. Calculators for Capital Gains Tax, tax free allowance, self-assessment. Ask Advisor function for questions related to tax and accounting in England, Scotland and Wales.

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