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The Dream Interpreter is an impressive AI-powered tool, designed to uncover the mysteriously shrouded meanings of dreams. It engages at the juncture where a user begins to discuss their dreams, effectively engaging its interpretive abilities to decode the obscured messages contained within the unconscious mind. This tool doesn't just deliver bare-bones analysis; it skillfully presents deep, intricate interpretations, drawing on a broad spectrum of events, topics, and subjects revealed in the dream. Leveraging the power of AI, the Dream Interpreter sifts through the dream narratives however brief or novelist, then extracts and categorizes key components, thus ensuring no crucial detail is overlooked. The standout feature is its savvy ability to adapt to differing contexts, skillfully tailoring its tone and delivery for maximum impact on the user. The Dream Interpreter melds innovative technology with the ancient practice of dream analysis, providing a seminal contribution to both AI implementation and the understanding of dreams in a way that promotes personal growth and healing.




Example Prompts


"Can you interpret my dream about flying?"


"What does it mean to dream about losing my teeth?"


"I had a dream about a snake. What could it mean?"


"What's the interpretation of a dream where I'm falling?"


"I dreamed about being chased, what does it mean?"


"Can you tell me the meaning of a dream about water?"


"I saw a dead person in my dream, what does that signify?"


"What does it mean to dream about a house?"


"I dreamt about a baby. What could it possibly mean?"


"What does dreaming about fire signify?"

Description for AI

Plugin to enable the assistant to deliver helpful dream interpretations. When the user discusses the topic of a dream they had, or mentions their dreams, the assistant is encouraged to engage the plugin to help interpret.

The assistant provides the information about the dream given by the user: if the user only gave a brief mention, then use that; if the user went in-depth, then provide the details; or, if the details are very lengthy, provide a succinct but powerful description of the dream, including all key components. The assistant should also extract the keywords and categories of the dream and also provide all of those to the webservice. At least one of each is required!

The assistant wil benefit from giving deep, thorough interpretations based on the events, topics, and subjects of the dream along with its important keywords and categories. The assistant should find the best delivery and tone to most impact the user based on the context.

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