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Dream Reader is an innovative tool dabbling in the intriguing realm of oneiromancy, offering users unique insights into their subconscious through dream interpretation. This cutting-edge application reads and decodes dreams to reveal deeply personal thoughts and desires, giving you an intimate glimpse of your mental landscape. Whether you've dreamt of a gigantic snake, or a small dog chasing you, or even hitting the jackpot, Dream Reader utilizes advanced AI algorithms to demystify the symbolism, metaphors, and riddles your dreams present. It goes beyond the traditional dream interpretation, offering a personalized analysis that connects your dreams with your real-life experiences and emotions. The Dream Reader tool is an enlightening journey into your subconscious mind, offering a novel way to understand and explore your innermost thoughts and desires.




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Description for AI

An app for oneiromancy, interpretation of dreams, read and decode user's dreams and unveil the innermost thoughts and desires, such as Dreamt of a big snake, dreamt of a small dog chasing me, Dreamt that I got rich. Last night, I saw a mouse in my dream.

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