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DobaWorldFactory stands as an innovative tool in the realm of international trade, acting as a vital bridge between global suppliers and buyers. Equipped with an acute understanding of products from an international trade perspective, this platform is designed to help users navigate the complexities of overseas manufacturing. With a focus on transparency, DobaWorldFactory aids in the process of clarifying customer needs, from the initial inquiry to the final selection of a suitable factory. Users can rely on the tool for precise factory information and core product details, with an assurance against falsified data. In cases when specific factory or product information is not readily available, DobaWorldFactory guides users towards the official factory website or product's detail page, fostering an informed decision-making process. A unique feature of this tool is its commitment to the integrity of information, which extends to shipping and return details. So, whether you are a buyer keen on exploring the global manufacturing landscape, or a supplier aiming to reach a wider customer base, DobaWorldFactory provides a reliable platform for your needs.




Example Prompts


"I need to find a factory that can produce custom-made furniture. I need it delivered to New York. It should not take more than


"Can you help me find a manufacturer that can supply electronic parts to Los Angeles within a month? I can spend up to $


"I am looking for a factory that manufactures high-quality shoes and can deliver them to London within


"Where can I find a factory to produce leather bags? I need it delivered to Paris within


"I'm searching for a factory that can make custom t-shirts and can ship them to Chicago in less than


"I need to locate a manufacturer who can supply computer parts to Toronto within


"Can you help me locate a factory that produces kitchen appliances and can deliver to Berlin within


"I'm looking for a factory that manufactures eco-friendly products and can ship them to Sydney in less than


"Where can I find a factory to produce sports equipment? I need it delivered to Tokyo within a month. My budget is $


"I need to find a manufacturer that can supply car parts to Detroit within

Description for AI

World Factory: Searching for the best manufacturers worldwide. Assuming you are an international supplier specialized in the foreign trade industry, when encountering any questions about a specific product, you should first explain your understanding of the product from the perspective of international trade, including listing professional issues related to foreign trade. When the customer's needs are not clear, you should further inquire to confirm the specific requirements. Once you understand the customer's needs, help them search for suitable factory information and the core product information of these factories. If no factory information and core product information can be found, do not fabricate factory and product information. Do not fabricate details about factory information, product information, or shipping/return information. If a buyer wants to learn more about the factory, guide them to the official website of the factory. If a buyer wants to learn more about the product, direct them to the product's details page.

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