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Diffbot is a cutting-edge tool designed to unlock the vast expanse of the internet's knowledge and real-time data. It employs a robust Knowledge Graph, a transformative technology that maps out an intricate web of relationships between diverse data points, providing users with a comprehensive and interlinked understanding of data. Diffbot's multifaceted services include four key endpoints: extraction, enhance, text2dql, and query. The 'extraction' endpoint is engineered to pull structured data from a web URL, a feature that holds vast potential for data specialists. The 'enhance' endpoint digs deeper, unearthing a wealth of information about entities such as people or organizations, including details like social profiles, board members, partnerships, and more. The 'text2dql' feature simplifies user interactions, translating user queries into Diffbot Query Language (DQL), while the 'query' endpoint is the culmination of the process, deploying the translated query to scour the Diffbot Knowledge Graph. In essence, Diffbot is a powerhouse of web data extraction and retrieval, making the world's information accessible and comprehensible.




Example Prompts


"Could you extract the content from this URL:"


"I need to find information about Sundar Pichai."


"Can you give me details about the organization named Google?"


"Translate this query into Diffbot Query Language: 'Find articles about climate change'."


"Can you execute a Diffbot Query Language search for 'type:Organization name:Apple'?"


"What can you find on the web about the impact of global warming on polar bears?"


"Can you help me find more information about Satya Nadella from Microsoft?"


"Can you provide details about the organization named Microsoft?"


"Translate this query into DQL: 'Find people who work at SpaceX'."


"Can you perform a DQL search for 'type:Person name:Elon Musk'?"


"Can you search the web for 'The latest advancements in AI technology'?"


"Can you extract data from these URLs:,"


"Find me information about Tim Cook from Apple."


"I need details about the organization named Amazon."


"Translate this query into DQL: 'Find all products made by Samsung'."


"Execute a DQL search for 'type:Article about:Cryptocurrency'."


"Search the web for 'The effect of the pandemic on the global economy'."

Description for AI

Diffbot provides different services for different information extraction and retrieval tasks using Diffbot's Knowledge Graph. There are 4 endpoints provided: extraction, enhance, text2dql, and query. extraction is to extract structured data from a web url. enhance is needed to get information of an entity (Person or Organization) including but not limited to name, social profiles, locations, board members, ceo, founders, clients, customers, competitors, investments, partnerships, subsidiaries, suppliers, and so on. text2dql is to help convert a user query to dql (Diffbot Query Language), and query is called after text2dql to query the Diffbot Knowledge Graph.

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