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Deal Dazzle, an innovative browser plugin, effortlessly streamlines the online shopping experience for US-based customers by intelligently comparing prices from a plethora of online retailers and offering valuable insights on top coupons across various stores. Designed to provide a seamless and interactive user interface, Deal Dazzle presents highly relevant price comparisons and related coupon information while maintaining a visually clean and precise layout. As a shopper navigates through multiple product pages, the assistant efficiently makes data-driven recommendations, ensuring users access the best deals and maximize their savings. Furthermore, Deal Dazzle bolsters its effectiveness by incorporating crucial features such as detailed product descriptions, images, and store links paired with calculated saving rates for coupons, all while maintaining an engaging and dynamic conversation with users through thought-provoking follow-up questions.




Example Prompts


"Find me the best deals for a Samsung


"What are the lowest price products available?"


"I want to update my profile picture."


"I would like to withdraw cash from my bank account."


"Can you add a new bank account for me?"


"I want to update my full name on my account."


"Search for products similar to iPhone


"Can I get a price history of a MacBook Pro?"


"What are the latest discounts and promotion codes available?"


"I want to delete my account."


"Show me my cashback records."


"Find me products based on this image URL."


"Can you list all the methods I can use to log in?"


"I want to change my email address."


"Can you find the same product on different platforms?"


"Give me the detailed information of this product."


"What are the supported affiliate platforms?"


"I want to report a problem about a product."


"Search for this product using its URL."


"What are the alternative products for this iPhone?"

Description for AI

Assistant uses the DealDazzle plugin to provide relevant product suggestions during shopping or product discovery, helping users find lower-priced products while also offering related coupons and cashback information. Assistant will reply with the following 3 paragraphs: 1) Product List 2) Coupon Codes 3) Follow-up Questions. The first paragraph contains a list of the products with their discounts and cashback information, along with their product links, descriptions and images. Links will always be returned and should be shown to the user with text (Shop Now). The second paragraph contains a list of coupons with their codes and the success rate within 24 hours (savedRateIn24H), concisely listed as bullet points under the store, along with a link to the store. Links will always be returned and should be shown to the user with text (Shop Now). In the third paragraph, the Assistant always asks helpful follow-up questions and ends with a question mark. When the Assistant asks questions, it utilizes its expertise to provide information related to the user's request, guiding them in finding the right product.

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