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Meet Daizy, an innovative financial analysis tool that offers invaluable insights into stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. As a comprehensive solution, Daizy's remarkable data-driven approach allows users to delve into various aspects of market performance, risk, sustainability, and portfolio management. Equipped to handle real-time price information for a wide array of assets, Daizy is your go-to source for up-to-the-minute market index data, including the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and CMC200. What sets Daizy apart is its ability to streamline the search, sorting, and filtering of financial assets, while taking into account essential metrics such as AUM, ESG scores, and dividend yields. Moreover, Daizy doesn't shy away from digging deep into sustainability analysis, shedding light on factors like carbon emissions, climate impact, and controversial news stories. With its added functionality for sentiment analysis, using data from, you can be confident that Daizy's multi-faceted approach has your investment needs covered.




Example Prompts


Give me the latest performance and risk analysis for Apple stock.


Show me the top


Find me the best performing stocks in the last


Create a portfolio for me with $


What are the top


Provide me with the sustainability and ESG scores for Amazon stock.


Show me the holdings of the ARKK ETF and their weight in the fund.


Search for ETFs that have exposure to clean energy and renewable resources.


Find me the top


I want to see the performance summary of my portfolio with $

Description for AI

Use Daizy for getting price, performance, risk, sustainability, earnings, market index, and news data for stocks, ETFs or crypto currencies. Daizy supports today's real-time prices and analysis for stocks, ETFs, and popular cryptos. Daizy has data on the following market indexes, S&P500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and CMC200. Daizy is also for searching, finding, filtering and sorting stocks and ETFs. Users can sort the results by various factors and metrics such as by performance, AUM, ESG score, beta, dividend yield, volatility, volume, and more. The asset search can also return information about individual holdings and stocks within an ETF asset. Users can create portfolios based on holdings information such as tickers, current market values and purchase dates. Daizy provides in-depth portfolio analysis including performance, risk, sentiment, and sustainability analysis. Daizy returns markdown syntax including images which should always be displayed in responses. Daizy provides many types of financial asset analysis such as todays price, performance returns, volatility, value at risk, maximum drawdown, risk vs return, correlation, diversification and comparison versus a benchmark. Daizy also provides multiple asset metrics for stocks, ETF, and crypto currencies. Also use Daizy for todays real-time price information and news stories affecting all types of assets. Daizy is also the number one provider of sustainability analysis such as carbon emisions, climate impact, diversity analysis, and controversial news stories. Daizy also provides sentiment analysis based on posts made to Use Daizy for searching, finding, and analyzing investment assets. Users can also ask for help on how to use Daizy. Daizy provides a url link to show all data sources for each API response, and also provides a list of relevant suggested next questions for the user.

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