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Creatuity Stores

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Creatuity Stores is an innovative plugin that acts as an all-in-one search engine for online shopping enthusiasts. It offers a seamless integration with various online stores, allowing users to search for products across all associated platforms simultaneously, thus saving time and providing a more comprehensive browsing experience. The tool's unique search parameters require only a product description, but can be refined using optional criteria such as brand, category, or a specified price range in USD. This offers users a highly personalized and meticulous shopping experience. To facilitate this, the plugin uses a straightforward API, with the /api/search endpoint providing a list of suggested products, and the /api/stores endpoint offering a list of integrated stores. Every suggested product comes with essential information like name, price, and a direct link to the product in the store, along with optional attributes like color and size. With its focus on user-friendly operation and a wide scope of search, Creatuity Stores stands out as an essential tool for efficient and personalized online shopping.




Example Prompts


What's the weather like in New York today?


Show me the forecast for Los Angeles for the next week.


Is it going to rain in Boston tomorrow?


What's the temperature in Miami right now?


Will it be sunny in San Francisco this weekend? Please provide more details if the plugin serves a different purpose.

Description for AI

Use plugin to search for products for given description in all on-line stores integrated with the plugin. Description may contain any product details such as name, brand, category, usage or any other data which describes ideal product matching user's needs. Description is the only required parameter and have to be provided as parameter called 'text'. Additionally you can specify product brands as 'brand' parameter or product categories as 'category' parameter to prioritize such products. Both 'brand' and 'category' parameters can be provided as space-separated list. If user provided a budged you can use 'min_price' or 'max_price' fields to get only products with price in given range. Prices must be in USD. As a reply, a product list will be provided. Every product on the list will contain obligatory name, description, price, currency code, image url and direct link to product in store. Optionally every product on the list may contain some other product-specific attributes like color, size, etc. To get suggested product list use /api/search endpoint. To get integrated with the plugin store list use /api/stores endpoint.

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