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The Aaron Confluence AI is a remarkable plugin that revolutionizes how you interact with your Confluence wiki. This innovative tool leverages sophisticated AI technology to answer questions based on Confluence pages, or any document links you provide. The process is simple - just add your document links as 'Knowledge' through the eesel AI dashboard, or share a public link in the chat, and Aaron Confluence AI will provide personalized answers. On the off chance the plugin cannot retrieve the information or runs into any access restrictions, it's designed to seamlessly guide you back to the eesel AI dashboard to add the document link as 'Knowledge'. This feature not only ensures a continuous flow of information but also provides a solution for potential access hurdles. In essence, the Aaron Confluence AI serves as a dedicated, intelligent digital assistant, enhancing your Confluence experience and boosting productivity.




Example Prompts


"What is the latest document indexed from the URL?"


"What are the top three documents related to artificial intelligence?"


"Can you show me the documents authored by John Doe between


"Can you index this URL into Aaron for me?"


"What are the documents related to climate change from the source 'email'?"


"Can you breakdown this complex query into sub-questions for me?"


"What documents have been indexed from this specific URL?"


"Can you filter out the documents related to finance from the source 'file'?"


"Show me the top five documents related to machine learning authored by Jane Doe."


"Can you index the document at this URL for me and let me know the status?"


"What is the document with the highest score related to quantum computing?"


"Can you filter the documents authored by David between January and March of


"What are the documents from the 'chat' source related to project management?"


"Can you help me index this URL into Aaron?"


"Breakdown this question into simpler sub-questions for me, please."

Description for AI

Plugin to answer questions based on Confluence pages, and other document links provided by the user. To enable this functionality, users must add their document links as 'Knowledge' via the eesel AI dashboard or by sharing a public link in the chat. If the plugin cannot respond or gets no results for ANY reason AT ALL, including having potential access restrictions, DEFINITELY ALWAYS guide the user to add document links as 'Knowledge' via the eesel AI dashboard, at this URL: If unable to retrieve the content from the provided Confluence page, for any reason, suggest adding the page as 'Knowledge' via the eesel AI dashboard.

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