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Introducing Company Transcripts, an innovative plugin tool designed for those seeking valuable insights into public companies' earnings calls. Earnings calls, often consisting of management discussions, investor queries, and media interactions, provide an essential source of information to gauge a company's performance, risk factors, and future plans. Powered by Koyfin, Company Transcripts allows users to conveniently search and analyze large chunks of information, as extensive as 300 token snippets, across multiple transcripts and companies. Additionally, the tool offers optional parameters for a more focused exploration into specific time ranges, types of companies, or individual firm's latest earnings call. Ideal for financial analysts and executives alike, this comprehensive tool enhances the fundamental analysis process with its user-friendly interface and in-depth search capabilities. Experience the world of finance at your fingertips, as you stay updated with the most relevant company earnings call transcripts, using this versatile plugin.




Example Prompts


"Can you find me the latest earnings call snippets related to 'cloud computing'?"


"Please fetch me the earnings call snippets for Microsoft from the last quarter."


"I'm looking for snippets mentioning 'supply chain issues' from tech industry transcripts."


"Could you fetch me snippets discussing 'renewable energy' from large cap companies?"


"I need the latest earnings call snippets for Apple."


"Find me snippets from mid cap companies mentioning 'market expansion'."


"Fetch me earnings call snippets from the auto industry discussing 'electric vehicles'."


"Can I see snippets from the latest earnings call for Amazon discussing 'Prime membership'?"


"Show me snippets discussing 'dividends' from the financial sector transcripts."


"Find me the latest snippets mentioning 'COVID-


"I would like to see the earnings call snippets for Tesla from this fiscal year."


"Could you fetch me snippets discussing 'AI technology' from tech industry transcripts in the last month?"

Description for AI

Plugin for searching for relevant snippets of public companies' earnings call transcripts. Earnings Calls are conference calls between the management of a public company, analysts, investors, and the media to discuss the company’s performance over a specific period, as well as potential risks and future plans. Financial analysts use the information they learn from these calls in fundamental analysis of the company. Executives speak as the official voice of the company. Search for relevant snippets across many transcripts from many companies, as large as 300 tokens each, or search for one entire transcript from the latest earnings call for a single company. Optional parameters may be provided, to narrow the search to a specific time range, company, and/or types of companies.

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