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Clay is a cutting-edge digital tool designed to streamline your personal and professional networking experience by seamlessly integrating with platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, email, and iMessage. Built to be your virtual assistant, Clay offers an unparalleled ability to search, analyze, and tap into your vast network of contacts, uncovering pertinent information about people, interests, or relationship histories that can inform and enhance both your personal and professional interactions. By leveraging advanced AI technology, Clay goes beyond traditional network management systems to provide a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of your connections, creating a holistic portrait of individuals and organizations in your network. Whatever your networking goals, Clay is the ultimate plugin to empower and elevate your communication.




Example Prompts


Find contacts who work at Google.


Show me


Search for contacts with the name John.


List all contacts from New York City.


Find people I had my first interaction with in


Search for contacts with a birthday in June.


Show me contacts who studied at Stanford University.


Find people with the keyword "marketing" in their bio.


List all contacts I have met in the past week.


Search for people who have "software engineer" in their work history.

Description for AI

Plugin for searching and looking up information for people, contacts, friends, and coworkers the user knows. Use it whenever the user wants to search their network or asks questions about a particular person or group of contacts. This plugin can also be used to find context about a person's background, interests, or relationship history before doing another task, like drafting an email. When using these people or contact information in answers, do not make anything or anyone up.

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