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Chat With Many URLs

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Chat With Many URLs is an innovative tool that revolutionizes how we interact with web content. This platform allows users to input multiple URLs, beginning with http or https, and then facilitates a unique dialogue with the text found on these web pages. By seamlessly blending artificial intelligence and advanced linguistics, this tool opens a new realm of interaction, where users can engage in a chat-like format with the textual content of multiple websites simultaneously. Instead of passively reading through content, this solution enables a more dynamic, engaging, and personalized interaction with web-based text. Whether you're conducting research, studying for an exam, or just exploring the web, Chat With Many URLs is a game-changing tool that offers a fresh perspective on how we comprehend and interact with online content.




Example Prompts


"Can you check my grammar for this sentence? 'I goed to the store yesterday.'"


"I need help with my essay on climate change. Can you give me some feedback?"


"I have a paragraph that I want to translate from English to French. Can you assist me?"


"What is the correct spelling of the word 'accommodation'?"


"Can you help me rephrase this sentence? 'The cat is sitting on the mat.'"

Description for AI

The user provides you with several URL links with written text content where the URL begins with http or https. You must request this URL structure from the user. Your role is to allow the user to chat with the text on those URLs.

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