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ChatWithGit is a dynamic tool designed to streamline the process of searching for code on GitHub repositories. Equipped with a user-friendly interface, it enables users to simply input a search query to swiftly fetch relevant chunks of code from GitHub. It’s a tool that enhances productivity by narrowing the search to precise terms, with the requirement of at least one search term in the source code search. For instance, if you're looking for the definition of the 'addClass' function inside the jQuery repository, a query like 'language:js+repo:jquery/jquery' would do the trick. This focuses the search within JavaScript files of the 'jquery/jquery' repository. What sets ChatWithGit apart is its unique feature of providing text match metadata for file content and file path fields when the 'text-match' media type is passed. The search results are neatly presented, with clearly defined links in the response for easy navigation. It's a tool that brings a new level of convenience and precision to coding, making it a valuable asset for developers worldwide.




Example Prompts


Find JavaScript code examples for adding a class in the jQuery repository.


Search for Python code snippets related to web scraping using BeautifulSoup.


Look for Java code examples about implementing a Singleton pattern.


Show me some Ruby code samples for creating a RESTful API.


Find C++ code examples demonstrating the use of smart pointers.


Search for Golang code snippets on handling HTTP requests.


Look for PHP code examples about using the Laravel framework for authentication.


Show me Kotlin code samples for creating an Android app with RecyclerView.


Find Swift code examples for implementing a UITableView in iOS.


Search for TypeScript code snippets related to Angular components.

Description for AI

Allows users to search code on GitHub repositories based on a query. Users can provide a search query, and the system will fetch the relevant code chunks from GitHub. You can only fetch relevant chunks of code from Github search. You must always include at least one search term when searching source code. For example, searching for language:go is not valid, while amazing language:go is. When searching for code, you can get text match metadata for the file content and file path fields when you pass the text-match media type. For example, if you want to find the definition of the addClass function inside jQuery repository, your query would look something like this: language:js+repo:jquery/jquery This query searches for the keyword addClass within a file's contents. The query limits the search to files where the language is JavaScript in the jquery/jquery repository. You can only use links that are clearly defined in the response in your response.

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