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Introducing ChatBlog, an innovative AI-powered tool designed to streamline and revolutionize the creation process of blog content for both casual and professional writers. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, ChatBlog offers two distinctive interfaces, generateByUrl and generateByKeywords, providing a tailored experience for users based on their preferences and needs. To simplify topic selection, ChatBlog's generateTopic feature intelligently generates a curated list of blog-related topics from the chosen keywords, placing a strong emphasis on user satisfaction through its responsive design that highlights alternative choices when desirable topics aren't found. As users patiently wait for their uniquely crafted content, ChatBlog encourages transparency by allowing users to check on the writing progress with simple commands like "show result" or "get result". The thoughtful integration of the QUICKCREATOR editing platform further enhances user experience, although it is tailored for desktop platforms at present. With ChatBlog, rest assured that maintaining relevant, captivating, and optimized content is just a few clicks away.




Example Prompts


"Generate a blog using these keywords"


"Create a blog post from this URL"


"Can I preview the blog content?"


"Publish the blog page"


"What is the published URL of the blog?"


"How does this plugin work?"


"Notify me when the job is finished"


"Generate a blog topic using these keywords"


"I have some feedback about the blog content"


"Get help with QuickBlog"


"Show me the generated blog"


"Edit the generated blog content"


"View the final effect of the blog on the online URL"


"I want to publish my blog"


"What can QuickBlog do?"


"Help with QuickBlog"


"Submit my feedback about QuickBlog"


"What is the status of my job?"


"Generate a topic for my blog"


"I need to generate a blog page using these keywords".

Description for AI

This feature is designed to create a BLOG either through a URL or KEYWORDS. When a user indicates the desire to create a BLOG, the system will prompt them to choose between generating a BLOG via a URL or KEYWORDS. These two methods correspond to two interfaces: generateByUrl and generateByKeywords. When users opt for the KEYWORDS method, the system will first invoke the generateTopic interface, generating a list of BLOG-related TOPICs based on the provided keywords. Users can then select a recommended TOPIC or input their desired TOPIC. It's important to emphasize that if users don't find a suitable topic from the provided list, they should be prompted with noticeable or larger font sizes or with a conspicuous color. The BLOG generation process may take several minutes, during which the system will advise the user to wait and remind them to use prompt words like "show result" or "get result" to check the progress. When users use "show result" or "get result", they will see a portion of the BLOG content. They should be informed that they can directly jump to QUICKCREATOR through the provided editing URL to edit the content. If they are using a mobile application, they should first publish their content and then open the published page to view it, as the editing feature is currently only adapted for desktop platforms.

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