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Chainstack is an innovative tool that leverages the power of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchains to facilitate seamless interaction through natural language. This cutting-edge solution utilizes advanced technology in conjunction with the robust infrastructure provided by Chainstack for interaction with a myriad of EVM blockchains. Chainstack stands out for its ability to communicate effectively using natural language. This enables users, even those without extensive knowledge of blockchain, the opportunity to command and navigate their way through the complex world of blockchain with relative ease. By succinctly translating complex codes into comprehensible language, it serves as a bridge between the user and their blockchain needs. Its unique approach, coupled with its user-friendly interface, positions Chainstack as a formidable asset for anyone seeking to navigate EVM blockchains. With a neutral tone that avoids the promotion of the tool, it is important to mark that users will, however, need to consider their specific needs and integration requirements to determine if Chainstack is the right fit for them.




Example Prompts


What's the latest block number on Ethereum?


Can you fetch the balance of this address on Polygon?


What is the base gas fee on Avalanche?


Can you scrape the Ethereum development tools documentation from Chainstack's website?


Call the `eth_getBlockByNumber` method on Ethereum with the latest block number.


Convert this hexadecimal value to decimal.


Convert this wei value to ether.


Convert this decimal value to hexadecimal.


Resolve the ENS name for `username.eth` to an Ethereum address.


Get a list of token balances for this wallet address on the Binance Smart Chain.

Description for AI

This program allows user to interact with different EVM based blockchains using Chainstack's infrastructure.

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