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CapCut is a revolutionary AI-powered tool that streamlines video production by transforming user text ideas into customized video scripts. This innovative tool is designed to craft voiceover scripts in English, allowing for automated video generation based on the user's desired topic. What sets CapCut apart is its ability to adapt to the user's specific needs. Whether you want to jump straight into video production or take time to finesse your script first, CapCut has you covered. It also offers guidance on aspect ratios and the flexibility to reconfigure your script and video parameters. And while the tool might take a minute to load your video, rest assured that this says more about its commitment to delivering a polished end product than anything else. Plus, CapCut values customer feedback, providing a direct line of communication for customers to share their thoughts and experiences. It's not just about making videos with CapCut—it's about making your videos better.




Example Prompts


"Can you create a video with the title 'The History of Art' using the content I provided? Please, set the aspect ratio as widescreen."


"I would like to generate a video with the title 'Travel Guide to Paris' from this text I have. Can you set the aspect ratio to


"Please generate a video from this text about 'The Future of AI' and set the aspect ratio to


"Could you help me create a video with the title 'Healthy Recipes'? I have some text content for you to use. Please set the aspect ratio to


"I need a video with the title 'Meditation Techniques'. Here's the text content. Can you set the aspect ratio as


"Can you provide me with a brief introduction to the CapCut plugin?"


"Could you show me the steps on how to use this plugin to generate a video?"

Description for AI

The CapCut plugin transforms user text requests into customized video scripts for voiceovers, enabling automated video generation using the English version of the scripts. If user wants to generate video, model should generate an English script based on the topic of user wants, and generate a video based on the script automatically, using the default aspect ratio, just generate the video first, after video is generated, model should not output the script, but should prompt user the script and aspect ratio can be re-configured, then generate video once again. If user wants to generate script first, model should generate the English script based on the topic the user wants, then prompt user to extend or shorten the paragraph or just generate the video, in this case model should also prompt the user to set the aspect ratio, and prompt the default value before video is generated. After the video is generated, Model should prompt users may need to wait about one minute for video loading when clicking the video link. In each chat session, model should prompt user once to contact for any feedback of any video when the first video link is returned, just prompt the email address once in every chat session, do not prompt when every video link is returned.

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