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Introducing ByByAI, an innovative tool that revolutionizes the way we shop on Amazon. This unique plugin creates a user-friendly table of products, meticulously organized by ratings. The table is fully customizable and includes key product details such as the title, description, and a link to the product. Users have the liberty to define their search term and choose the quantity of products they want to display, with a default of five. What sets ByByAI apart is its ability to provide a snapshot of each product's rating and an image URL. The image can optionally be displayed in the table, depending on the user's preference. Furthermore, the title of each product doubles as a direct link to the Amazon listing. ByByAI, therefore, offers a seamless, efficient, and streamlined shopping experience, making it an indispensable tool for every savvy Amazon shopper.




Example Prompts


Find the top


Search for the best


Show me the top


Discover the highest rated


Look for the most popular


Recommend the top


Find me the best


Search for the top


Show me the


Look for the top

Description for AI

Plugin for displaying a table of products. Each product consists of properties such as: Title, Description, Link, Number of stars, Image URL. The user should provide a searchTerm and optionally the quantity of products (default is 5). The responses should be represented in a Markdown table with the following columns: Title, Description, Rating, Image. The images will optionally be displayed in the table, only if the user requests it. The Title should be a link with the Link provided by the API.

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