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BrowserOp is an innovative web browsing solution designed to streamline the way users explore online content by allowing them to interact with multiple webpages simultaneously. Equipped with state-of-the-art AI technology, this tool not only understands intent but also delivers tailored content suited to users' specific needs. With BrowserOp, utility goes beyond the basics of browsing; users can request services such as text rewrites, translations, and much more without leaving the platform. The true power of BrowserOp lies in its ability to bridge the gap between search engines and users, providing up-to-date results across a multitude of searches - be it restaurant recommendations, weather updates, or shopping trends. By adopting an intelligent approach to web exploration, BrowserOp promises to become an indispensable tool for users looking to enhance their overall online experience.




Example Prompts


What is the content of the website


Extract the title and metadata from


Give me the latest news about the cryptocurrency market.


Can you provide information on the webpage


Retrieve the HTML metadata and links from


What are the recent updates on climate change?


Find information about the latest iPhone from the website


Show me the content of the article at


Extract all the important information from the webpage


Get me real-time search results for the latest developments in electric vehicles.

Description for AI

This tool offers the feature for users to input a URL or multiple URLs and interact with them as needed. It's designed to comprehend the user's intent and proffer tailored suggestions in line with the content and functionality of the webpage at hand. Services like text rewrites, translations and more can be requested. When users need specific information to finish a task or if they intend to perform a search, this tool becomes a bridge to the search engine and generates responses based on the results. Whether the user is seeking information about restaurants, rentals, weather, or shopping, this tool connects to the internet and delivers the most recent results.

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