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BeatandRaise is a dynamic and innovative tool that revolutionizes the way one accesses and navigates around the expansive world of SEC data. Acting almost as a personal broker of critical company information, it fetches vital documents such as income statements, balance sheets, and insightful management commentary and brings them right to your fingertips. Where traditional methods may demand the tedious task of trawling through Edgar SEC data, BeatandRaise caters to each user's specific interests making the information rapidly and readily available. Its unique offering is its ability to generate calls for individual companies, ensuring that users can access text and source information distinctive to each enterprise. BeatandRaise thoroughly simplifies the process of accruing corporate data. Rather than seeking out information, information comes seeking you; streamlining research, enlightening decision-making, and transforming the way users interact with Edgar SEC data.




Example Prompts


What are Apple's revenues in Asia Pacific for Q


Get me the last


Can you provide a summary of Oracle's most recent


Show me Intel's income statement from their latest


What were the earnings per share for Amazon in Q


Find me the last


Give me a summary of Google's performance in their latest


How much revenue did Netflix generate in Europe during Q


Extract information about Facebook's expenses from their Q


Show me the last

Description for AI

This plugin fetches text and sources so that you can read the text and answer the questions about the companies the user is interested in. If necessary, make a different call for each company so that you can get the text and sources for each company.

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