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Bardeen is a sophisticated tech tool that offers an unparalleled way to automate tasks on some of the web's most widely-used services. Designed with compatibility for prominent staples like Google Spreadsheets, Notion, Airtable, and more, this tool transcends conventional automation functions. Bardeen allows you to efficiently send and receive emails and messages, manage meetings with ease, and keep tabs on your data in real-time. It even goes a step further with a web scraping feature, granting you access to the data you need when you need it most. This multifunctional tool covers a wide spectrum of automation needs that epitomizes modern convenience. The seamless integration with popular web services and the vast array of functions it offers ensures that Bardeen isn't just another automation tool—it's the next level of digital productivity.




Example Prompts


Create a playbook to send a weekly email report to my team with project updates.


Generate an automation that reminds me to take a break every


Set up a workflow to automatically organize and label my Gmail inbox.


Design a playbook that exports new Shopify orders to a Google Sheet daily.


Craft an automation to post a daily inspirational quote on my company's Twitter account.


Make a playbook for backing up my Google Drive files to Dropbox every month.


Build an automation for sending a personalized birthday email to my contacts.


Develop a workflow to manage and assign tasks in Trello based on priority.


Configure a playbook to sync my Google Calendar events with my project management tool.


Design an automation to monitor social media mentions of my brand and send notifications.

Description for AI

Create and run automations on the most popular web services. You can send and receive emails and messages, manage meetings, create and update data in Google Spreadsheet, Notion, Airtable, etc., scrape data on the web, and more.

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