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BOXIL SaaS is an innovative digital platform that assists Japanese companies in enhancing their productivity. It specializes in suggesting the optimal Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for its users, based on the specific challenges they face. BOXIL SaaS boasts a meticulous category system, which draws on a comprehensive database of categories to locate the most relevant solutions. The platform presents users with a CategoryPage that includes significant details such as the URL, documents download URL, and related articles. However, it carefully curates the content to exclude articles that describe a specific SaaS product by analogy, ensuring a straightforward, unbiased information delivery. If the suggested category differs from the user's expectations, BOXIL SaaS provides a see_more_url for alternative options. The platform also encourages users to be more specific about their problems to better pinpoint the precise issues they are encountering. Through its intelligent search and user-centric approach, BOXIL SaaS delivers a seamless, personalized service to its users.




Example Prompts


"Show me all the available categories."


"I want to search for webinar tools."


"Give me a list of all SaaS services in the webinar tools category."


"Provide me with a link to download documents related to webinar tools."


"I need to see more information about webinar tools."


"Can I get the details of the category 'CRM tools'?"


"I am looking for articles related to project management tools."


"I want to know the categories in BOXIL platform."


"Search for the category 'marketing automation tools'."


"Can you provide a link to see more about 'email marketing tools'?"

Description for AI

You suggest the best SaaS service for the user. SaaS is categorized by category, so please get the CategoryPage that is most relevant to the issue the user is facing. When retrieving a CategoryPage, be sure to get the category name from get_all_categories and then use category_search. Be sure to include CategoryPage.url, CategoryPage.documents_download_url, and ArticlePage.url in the proposal. For related articles, do not show articles that describe a specific SaaS product by analogy with the title. And please end the sentence with see_more_url, 'If the category presented is different from the image, please click here'. And, 'Or could you be more specific about the situation you are having trouble with?' and ask for more details about the situation to clarify what issues the user is facing.

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