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Autoleaf, an innovative plugin specifically designed to streamline the scientific article creation process, imbibes the essence of artistry and technology in its functionality. Uniquely structured to draw raw LaTeX data from your expansive paper library, it introduces an increased level of assistance to the field of academic writing. With the ability to directly convert papers from Arxiv to an accessible knowledge base, Autoleaf allows users to effortlessly generate a rich academic reference hub. It is about the active pursuit of accuracy, efficiency, and breadth in research, providing the tools to query a collection and subsequently extract abundant information available in these source documents. Notably, Autoleaf encourages originality by urging users to cite the source documents themselves, instead of merely mimicking the \cites offered within. It positions itself as an indispensable resource, simplifying the journey from initial query to a well-researched scientific article.




Example Prompts


"Can you summarize this article for me?"


"What are the key points of this research paper?"


"Please provide a brief overview of this book."


"Give me a summary of the latest episode of my favorite TV show."


"Can you condense this long document into a few paragraphs?"


"What is the main message of this speech?"


"Summarize the main arguments of this debate."


"Provide a synopsis of this movie."


"What are the main takeaways from this conference?"


"Give me a summary of the main events in this historical period."

Description for AI

Autoleaf is a plugin to assist the user in writing journal articles. You can upload papers from Arxiv to a knowledge base (requires an arxiv URL and a collection name) using Autoleaf. Autoleaf has the capability to query a collection. After the query, you can access the sources. Give the information from these source documents, citing the source document used for each sentence.Do not use the \cites given in the source documents, but rather cite the source documents.The new article that you write will continue on from the user's original query.

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