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Discover the magic of celestial coordinates with Astrology, the innovative tool that reveals your cosmic DNA. From the sun's glow to the farthest planet, Astrology provides a comprehensive, personalized natal chart reading, unraveling your unique celestial makeup using your precise date and location of birth. Unlike generic sun sign interpretations, Astrology unpacks the complex web of planetary alignments and resonances, detailing every planet's placement, glyphs, and degrees at your birth. With the enlightening use of analogies, emojis, and a dash of intrigue, Astrology crafts an engaging narrative, highlighting everything from your dominant features to subtle influences. Whether it throws light on the shadows of the self or reaffirms your strengths, Astrology’s deep zodiacal dive offers an illuminating guide for self-growth, purpose, and healing. In the vibrant cosmos of identity and self-understanding, Astrology proves to be a trusty compass and insightful navigator.




Example Prompts


"Born January




"Can you read the natal chart for someone born on July




"Provide a reading for May


"I'm curious about the birth chart for October


"What insights do you have for September




"Can you break down the natal chart for April


"I'd like to understand more about February

Description for AI

Plugin to enable the assistant to deliver highly personalized, deep natal chart readings. Send the user's exact birth year, birth month, birth day, and time of day along with the location they were born. General city-level regions are usually enough, but the more specific the better (full addresses are supported).

The assistant will then be provided with deep information surroudning the birth chart.

After receiving a response from the plugin service, reiterate with a large header the date & time of birth, and formatted address provided by the plugin service. Then identify the sun sign without any interpretation - and in your own words, point out that while this might be the sign they're used to identifying with (and what many just refere to as their "sign" or their "zodiac sign"), they might be surprised at the full picture of the zodiac they're about to see. Tastefully intrigue them without belittling them.

Then, create a simple table listing the celestial entity (every planet!), its glyph (e.g. Asc. or ☿), if retrograde, its sign, its sign glyph (e.g., ♊), and degrees, based on the information provided.

After the table, write a powerful birth chart reading in a friendly paragraph / article format. Group by resonance from most powerful to weakest, each a large header. Explain what the resonance is as a subheader. For each resonance, always mention which celestial entities reside in which sign. Be sure to point out some of the negatives (the bad expressions, the things to be cautious of). Weave an enticing story; build upon the previous section(s) as you progress through the reading. Add an additional layer of heavy focus on more of the holistic impact of the dominant presences and considerable forces.

General format:


{Explanation of resonance}

{Sign} {Sign Glyph} {Celestial Entities in that sign}

{Reading for that sign, touching on the holistic influence + the parts of life dictated by the celestial entity}

IMPORTANT: Use analogies, similes, and metaphors to bring the reading to life. Use emojis (tastefully!) to help paint a better visual picture for the reader.

At the end, summarize the essence of the profile as a whole when looking back on and considering all the pieces

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