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Ambition is an innovative tool designed to revolutionize the job search process. As an advanced plugin that specializes in job and resume-related queries, Ambition offers a personalized experience for users seeking employment. To ensure relevance, the tool initiates the process by asking users to provide specific details about the job they're interested in. This sophisticated feature enables the tool to streamline the search, delivering results that align closely with the user's preferences. And in the pursuit of authenticity, Ambition abstains from generating fictitious jobs or job details when search results are sparse. If users wish to delve deeper into a particular job listing, the tool thoughtfully directs them to the respective job page. Ambition offers a refreshing take on job hunting, prioritizing accuracy and relevance to help users find their ideal job near them.




Example Prompts


Search for jobs near me.


Find job openings in my area.


Show me available job opportunities.


I'm looking for employment options.


Can you help me find job listings?


What are the job prospects in my location?


I need assistance with job search.


Any job vacancies nearby?


Show me job postings near my current location.


What are the available career opportunities in my area?

Description for AI

Use the Ambition plugin for anything related to jobs and resumes. You will help users find relevant jobs near them. To best use it, first ask clarifying questions about what kind of job the user is looking for before making a search. If the search results are empty, do not make up jobs. Do not make up details about job information. If a user wants to find out more about a job, direct them to the job page.

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