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Ai PDF is a game-changing tool that is revolutionizing the way we interact with PDF documents. In an era where time is of the essence, this innovative tool offers super-fast, interactive chats with PDFs of any size, effectively eliminating the hassle of manually searching through massive files. By simply providing a URL to a PDF, Ai PDF employs advanced semantic search queries to explore the document on your behalf. It intelligently breaks down user questions into multiple search inquiries and executes them without any required intervention. This tool offers a comprehensive, page-referenced fact checking feature that enhances user experience and efficiency. So whether you're a student conducting research or a professional verifying data, Ai PDF is a tool designed to make your document navigation smoother, faster, and more accurate. Despite its advanced capabilities, Ai PDF maintains a user-friendly interface and interactive design that caters to users of all tech proficiency levels.




Example Prompts


Can you summarize this PDF for me? Here's the link: [pdf_url]


I have this document, can you give me a brief overview? [pdf_url]


Can you help me understand the main points in this PDF? [pdf_url]


I need to search for information in this PDF. Here's the link: [pdf_url] and the information I'm looking for is [query]


Can you help me find where [query] is mentioned in this document? [pdf_url]


I'm looking for specific information in this PDF [pdf_url]. Can you find where it talks about [query]?


Can you find references to [query] in this document [pdf_url]?


I need a quick summary of this PDF document [pdf_url]. Can you provide that?


Could you search for [query] in this PDF document for me? Here's the link: [pdf_url]


I don't have time to read the whole PDF. Could you summarize it for me? Here's the link: [pdf_url]


I need to know where [query] is mentioned in this PDF [pdf_url]. Can you find it for me?


Can you extract the key points from this PDF for me? [pdf_url]


I'm struggling to find [query] in this document. Could you help me out? [pdf_url]


I am looking for [query] in this PDF document [pdf_url]. Can you find it for me?


I need a summary of this document [pdf_url]. Can you do that for me?

Description for AI

Provide a URL to a PDF and search the document. Break the user question in multiple semantic search queries and calls as needed. Think step by step.

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