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Ai Drive is a next-generation tool designed to streamline your digital organization. It’s a personal AI-driven system that excels in processing and searching within PDF files, a feature that can revolutionize your document-handling efficiency. With a mandate to plan your research step-by-step and a built-in user feedback mechanism, this tool curates a tailored search experience, ensuring valuable insights are never lost in the noise. As you work, Ai Drive pauses to reflect between each search, allowing for systematic progress and thorough investigation. Beyond its search capabilities, Ai Drive also shines in maintaining a structured and user-friendly organization of all your digital files, effortlessly blending AI technology with personal storage solutions. It's less about selling and more about telling: Ai Drive is a sophisticated blend of search engine prowess and file organization, tailored to fit your needs. Anyone in need of a digital makeover - take note!




Example Prompts


"Can you summarize this document for me?" and provide the pdf link.


"I need a summary of this article" and provide the pdf url.


"Help me understand the key points of this document" and provide the pdf url.


"I am looking for information related to 'climate change' in this document" and provide the pdf url.


"Can you find the parts of this report that talk about 'global warming'?" and provide the pdf url.


"Find the sections in this document that discuss 'financial markets'" and provide the pdf url.


"Summarize this research paper for me." and provide the pdf link.


"Can you search for 'neural networks' in this document?" and provide the pdf url.


"I want to find 'machine learning algorithms' in this book" and provide the pdf url.


"Search for 'quantum physics' in this paper" and provide the pdf url.

Description for AI

It can search into PDFs. Before any search, you MUST state a VERY BRIEF step-by-step research plan AND get user feedback. Incorporate user feedback and execute each search, pausing to reflect before the next search.

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