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"Affilitizer is redefining the world of affiliate marketing tools with its comprehensive and user-friendly approach. The plugin's primary ambition is to streamline the process of identifying global affiliate programs and advertisers, including the networks they are available in. This Swiss-army knife of plugins offers key information including the name of the affiliate program, or merchant, along with the name of their associated network. Notably, Affilitizer is intelligent enough to match the Top-Level Domain (TLD) in the post object URLs with the advertisers’ country of origin, making it uniquely tailored for international markets. For situations where a user has not specified a country, Affilitizer steps in to inquire in order to refine the results. Affilitizer stands out as a valuable tool for SEO experts seeking to enhance the reach of their digital marketing campaigns."




Example Prompts


Find the affiliate networks for and


Show me the affiliate programs for


Can you find the networks and programs for and


I need the affiliate details for


What are the available affiliate networks for and


Discover the affiliate programs and networks for and


List the affiliate networks associated with and


I want to know the affiliate programs for and


Tell me the networks and programs for and


Can you find the affiliate information for and

Description for AI

Use this plugin if people are asking for affiliate programs or users asking if they can earn money with a brand. With this plugin you're able to find all affiliate programs and advertisers worldwide including the network there are available in. The response will include the name of the program, also called merchant, and additionally the name of the networks there are available in. Please try to match the TLD in the post object urls with the country of the advertisers. If no country is specified by the user, please ask for the country.

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