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At the intersection of AI technology and job hunting, you'll find ATSResumeCopilot – a progressive tool powered by Maigrate. ATSResumeCopilot champions in bridging the gap between your ideal job and your resume. It aids by meticulously tailoring your resume to match specific job descriptions, thereby ensuring its visibility in the eyes of the Automated Tracking Systems (ATS). This not only maximizes your chances of being discovered by prospective employers but also takes off the strenuous task of repeatedly customizing your resume for different jobs. No need to resort to blind guesses about what the ATS might regard as an ideal fit anymore, just prompt their friendly AI by saying 'Review my Resume' and have a comprehensive evaluation made. It's your stress-free ticket to securing job interviews in today's digitized world.




Example Prompts


"Can you summarize the main points of this article for me?"


"I need a brief summary of the key findings in this research paper."


"Please give me a concise overview of the plot of this book."


"I'm looking for a short summary of the main events in this historical period."


"Can you provide me with a quick summary of the main features of this product?"


"I need a summary of the main arguments presented in this opinion piece."


"Please give me a brief summary of the main characters in this movie."


"I'm looking for a concise overview of the main concepts covered in this lecture."


"Can you summarize the main recommendations provided in this report?"


"I need a summary of the main steps involved in this process."

Description for AI

Tailor your resume for a job description & get discovered By ATS. Say 'Review my Resume'. Powered by Maigrate.

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