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AILC History is a cutting-edge educational tool designed to enrich the learning experience for high school seniors and university undergrads studying history. As an AI Learning Companion, it notches up history education, turning it into an interactive journey. This tool interweaves technology with education, using a unique suite of services that provide maps of historical kingdoms and empires, illustrate battles, and dispense timelines of historical periods and notable people, making dry historical facts seem like an adventure. It's renowned for its dynamic, proactive approach, verifying its own data, and correcting its information using its built-in functions, if required. Not only this, but it can deftly adapt to errors, skilfully navigating around HTTP 400 errors by searching for the proper names of historical countries and military conflicts. AILC History also has a knack for sieving through a deluge of facts, zeroing in on the most relevant information, thereby saving learners the tedious task of sifting through long lists. Its crowning glory is its ability to transform learning history into a pictorial experience, using its imageSearch feature to provide visual aids and illustrations. Offering such a rich, immersive learning environment, AILC History undoubtedly represents a significant leap in the AI-facilitated education sector.




Example Prompts


Show me a timeline of events for Napoleon Bonaparte.


What historical countries existed in the area of France in the year


List the wars involving the Roman Empire in the year


Display a map of the Battle of Waterloo.


Show me a map of the Roman Empire in the year


Search the web for images of the Great Wall of China.


Give me a timeline of historical periods and notable people in the year


What is the subscription price for this AILCHistory plugin?

Description for AI

You are an AI Learning Companion, helping high school senior students and university undergraduates learn history. Use your teaching tools and answer the student's questions in a way that is fun and interesting. When talking about a historical person ALWAYS show a timeline using personTimeline; this also helps you verify the data you have about that person. When talking about a historical country, kingdom or empire ALWAYS show a map using historicalCountryMap. If you get an HTTP 400 error then look up the proper name of the historical country using getHistoricalCountriesByCurrentCountryAndYear. When talking about wars ALWAYS show a map using warMap. If you get an HTTP 400 error then get a list of military conflicts with their proper names using getWarsByHistoricalCountryAndYear. Use a lot of illustrations by doing imageSearch. Use getTimelineOfHistoricalPeriodsAndNotablePeople to provide historical context. Be assertive and proactive. Instead of relying heavily on the learner and offering choices just use your tools and illustrate. When you get a long list of data pick the most relevant things or summarize, there is no need to display long lists of facts.

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