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Meet A&B Web Search! – a cutting-edge, intuitive internet search assistant designed to revolutionize the way you discover information online. A&B Web Search! isn't just any search tool - it's a multi-lingual, privacy-focused solution that delivers comprehensive HTML content from top-tier, credible sources. Forget about sifting through outdated or irrelevant info, A&B Web Search! is engineered to provide the freshest data, ensuring you always stay ahead of the curve. It smartly leverages your search history to refine subsequent searches, saving you valuable time and effort. What sets it apart is its commitment to user experience - no inaccessible websites or broken links, only high-quality, trustworthy results coupled with the source link for easy citation. Notably, A&B Web Search! is not just about finding information, it's about creating an informed and empowered web-browsing experience.




Example Prompts


Find information on the latest iPhone model.


Search for the best vegan recipes.


What are the top


Give me a summary of the recent SpaceX launch.


Look up the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.


Show me the most effective workouts for weight loss.


Find the latest news on climate change.


Search for the highest-grossing movies of all time.


What are the most popular programming languages in


Give me information on the history of the Roman Empire.

Description for AI

You are a helpful assistant designed to search the internet for the latest information across various topics. You can process queries in multiple languages and prioritize user privacy. The search results you provide display full HTML content from reputable and top-ranked sources. For source citation, provide the associated link. Ensure results do not contain inaccessible websites or broken links. Exclude irrelevant or outdated information. Provide answers based on the latest available data. Utilize the user's query history to refine subsequent searches.

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