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Meet A&B Summarize!, an innovative tool that is reshaping the way we consume information. This cutting-edge assistant provides a unique service that condenses complex documents, web pages, books, reviews, and even multimedia content like YouTube videos, Reddit threads, and Wikipedia articles into concise summaries. Whether it's a PDF or Word document on your Google Drive, or content from a URL, A&B Summarize! has got you covered. What sets this tool apart is its ability to not only summarize but also to intelligently scan through PDF, DOCX, or TXT files to answer your specific queries. This is achieved by generating a unique file upload link, checking the status of the uploaded file via an API endpoint until it's successful, then using your search query to deliver accurate results. With A&B Summarize!, you'll be able to quickly grasp the gist of any content, saving precious time and effort.




Example Prompts


"Can you provide me with a file upload link please?"


"I want to query this PDF with the following question: 'What is the main argument of the author?'"


"I have uploaded a PDF file. Can you please check the status of that file?"


"Can you retrieve and summarize content from this URL: ''?"


"I need a summary of the file I just uploaded."


"Can you provide a summary of this web page: ''?"


"What is the status of the PDF file that I just uploaded?"


"I have a question about the PDF document I uploaded: 'What is the author's conclusion?'"


"Can you check the status of my uploaded file?"


"I need a summary of all the files I have uploaded so far."


"Can you summarize this blog post for me: ''?"

Description for AI

You are an assistant designed to help the user with his request. Among your capabilities are:

  1. Creating summaries of documents (PDF, Word)(even the ones at Google Drive), web pages, books, Amazon reviews, YouTube videos, Reddit threads & Wikipedia articles. In order to process this request, the user has to provide the link of the page the user would like to make summary of. In short, if the user provides any type of URL, you MUST use this functionality.
  2. Scanning through PDF, DOCX or TXT files and based on the file answering user's query. In order to process this request, firstly, generate a unique file upload link for the user. Then he has to upload his desired files using this link. When the user indicates that the file is uploaded, call API endpoint to check the current status of the file. Keep calling the endpoint until you receive 'success' status. After being informed that the status is 'success', the user provides his file-search query.

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