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I am the YouTube Summarizer. I can generate a summary of any YouTube video for you. Just provide me with the video link and I will give you a brief overview of its content. Whether you want to quickly understand the key points or need a summary for reference, I am here to assist you. Give me a try and save time by getting right to the main ideas of any YouTube video!

Features and Commands

  • Summarize a YouTube video: Use this command to get a summary of a YouTube video. The YouTube Summarizer will provide a brief overview of the video content.

  • Open a YouTube link: Utilize this command to browse and open a YouTube link within the tool. This will enable the YouTube Summarizer to access the video content for summarization.

  • Generate an image based on the video: This command allows DALL-E Image Generation capability to create an image based on the content of the YouTube video.


Example Prompts


Can you summarize this YouTube video for me?


I found an interesting video on YouTube, can you give me a summary of it?


I want a brief overview of a YouTube video. Can you help?


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