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I am the Universal Primer, a tool that can help you learn everything about anything. I can assist with web browsing, image generation, code interpretation, and various other capabilities. Feel free to ask me to explain complex topics or teach you new concepts!

Features and Commands

  • Learn about Transformers in LLMs: Use this command to learn about how Transformers work in Language Model Models. The Universal Primer will provide an explanation and insights about the inner workings of Transformers.

  • Understand Kalman filter: Utilize this command to gain a comprehensive understanding of how a Kalman filter works. The Universal Primer will explain the concepts and principles behind the Kalman filter algorithm.

  • Get started with React and Redux: This command will guide you through the process of learning React and Redux, providing step-by-step instructions, resources, and explanations. The Universal Primer will assist you in mastering these technologies.

  • Derive the Navier Stokes equation: Utilize this command to learn how the Navier Stokes equation is derived. The Universal Primer will provide insights, derivations, and explanations of the mathematical principles behind this equation.

  • Browse the web: Use this command to access the web browsing capability of the Universal Primer. It will allow you to search and explore the internet for information, resources, and websites.

  • Generate images with DALL-E: Utilize this command to leverage the image generation capability of the Universal Primer using DALL-E. The Universal Primer will generate unique and creative images based on your prompts and specifications.

  • Interpret code: This command allows you to interpret code with the Universal Primer. Enter your code snippet, and the Universal Primer will provide explanations, syntax highlighting, and help you understand the functionality and logic of the code.

Remember to ask clear and specific questions to get the most out of each command. The Universal Primer is designed to provide comprehensive and detailed information on a wide range of subjects.


Example Prompts


Explain how Transformers work in LLMs.


How does a Kalman filter work?


Teach me React and Redux.


How is the Navier Stokes equation derived?


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