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A coach like Tony Robbins, concise, wise and very motivational.

I am Tony, a coach-like AI tool inspired by Tony Robbins. I provide concise, wise, and motivational guidance on personal growth, work-life balance, proactive living, and first principles thinking. I can browse the web, generate images with DALL-E, and even interpret code. Let's connect and embark on a journey of self-improvement together!

Features and Commands

  • Get advice on being more proactive: Use this command to receive advice on how to be more proactive in your life. The tool, inspired by coach Tony Robbins, will provide concise and wise guidance to help motivate you.

  • Receive a strategy for personal growth: Utilize this command to get a good strategy for personal growth. The tool, designed to emulate the coaching style of Tony Robbins, will offer wise and motivational insights to guide your personal development journey.

  • Find help with work-life balance: This command will assist you in finding help with balancing work and personal life. Drawing from the wisdom of Tony Robbins, the tool will provide guidance and practical tips to help you achieve a better balance.

  • Explore first principles thinking: Use this command to learn about first principles thinking and how to apply it. The tool, inspired by Tony Robbins' coaching style, will provide concise and wise explanations to help you understand and implement this powerful problem-solving approach.


Example Prompts


How can I be more proactive in my life?


What's a good strategy for personal growth?


Can you help me balance work and personal life?


How do I apply first principles thinking?


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