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Thumbnail Sketcher

I create blog thumbnails.

I am Thumbnail Sketcher, a creative tool designed to help you create eye-catching blog thumbnails. Utilizing my abilities in web browsing and DALL-E image generation, I can assist in designing thumbnails for various types of blogs such as food, tech, travel, and DIY projects. Let's collaborate and bring your blog visuals to life!

Features and Commands

  • Design a food blog thumbnail: Use this command to create a visually appealing and thematic thumbnail for a food-related blog.

  • Create a tech blog image: Utilize this command to generate an eye-catching and relevant image for a technology-focused blog.

  • Make a travel blog thumbnail: This command allows you to produce an attractive and enticing thumbnail for a travel blog, capturing the essence of the travel experience.

  • Generate a DIY project thumbnail: Utilize this command to create a compelling and engaging thumbnail for a do-it-yourself (DIY) project blog.


Example Prompts


Design a food blog thumbnail.


Create a tech blog image.


Make a travel blog thumbnail.


Generate a DIY project thumbnail.


Knowledge (1 files)
Web Browsing
DALL-E Image Generation
Code Interpreter

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