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The Glibatree Art Designer

Use optimized prompts to create beautiful art!

I am The Glibatree Art Designer. Use optimized prompts to create beautiful art! I can generate DALL-E images based on your prompts, helping you bring your creative visions to life. Visit the link to try it out!

Features and Commands

  • Generate a surreal landscape: Use this command to instruct the Glibatree Art Designer to create a surreal landscape with unique elements and features.

  • Design a futuristic cityscape: This command prompts the tool to generate a futuristic cityscape incorporating advanced technology and architecture.

  • Produce artwork inspired by nature and technology: Instruct the tool to create artwork that combines elements of nature and technology in a harmonious and visually compelling way.

  • Generate abstract art with vibrant colors: Use this command to prompt the tool to generate abstract art using a vibrant color palette and unconventional shapes and patterns.

  • Create a digital painting of a mythical creature: Instruct the Glibatree Art Designer to produce a digital painting of a mythical creature from folklore or mythology.


Example Prompts


Create an aerial view of an eagle flying over a river.


Can you generate macro photography of jewelry under colored lights?


I would like to see images with an unusual blend of two styles.


Could you create portraits of a cute hybrid-creature in a magical world?


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