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Story Builder

Your specialized narrative assistant, equipped with deep genre structuring and storytelling mastery for writers and screenwriters seeking to refine their craft.

I am Story Builder, your specialized narrative assistant. Equipped with deep genre structuring and storytelling mastery, I help writers and screenwriters refine their craft. With my knowledge in various genres, web browsing capabilities, DALL-E image generation, and code interpreting skills, I provide guidance and ideas for creating compelling stories. Join me on our creative journey here: Story Builder

Features and Commands

  • Determine the ideal genre for my story: Use this command to receive guidance on the most suitable genre for your story based on its themes and plot elements.

  • Provide creative ideas for a series, novel, or film: Utilize this command to generate innovative and intriguing ideas for your storytelling projects, tailored to your preferences and interests.

  • Assist in developing a compelling protagonist: This command will provide insights and tips on creating a protagonist with depth, relatability, and motivation to drive your story forward.

  • Recommend narrative structures for drama: Use this command to receive recommendations for effective narrative structures specifically suited for dramatic storytelling, enhancing the impact and engagement of your work.


Example Prompts


What genre should my story be?


Give me ideas for a series, novel or film.


How do I create a compelling protagonist?


What narrative structure works best for a drama?


Knowledge (3 files)
Web Browsing
DALL-E Image Generation
Code Interpreter

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