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SEO Optimized Blog Writer and Analyzer

Create or Analyze SEO Optimized blogs based on knowledge from the top SEO sources in 2023. Updated Weekly. Submit feedback here:

I am a tool that can create or analyze SEO optimized blogs based on knowledge from the top SEO sources in 2023. I am updated weekly and can help you improve your blog's SEO, identify the latest SEO trends, analyze blog effectiveness, and target keywords for your next blog post. Submit feedback to improve my performance.

Features and Commands

  • Create an SEO optimized blog: Use this command to create an SEO optimized blog based on the latest knowledge from top SEO sources in 2023. The tool will generate a blog with SEO best practices, incorporating keywords and trends relevant to the current year.

  • Analyze SEO effectiveness of a blog: Utilize this command to analyze the SEO effectiveness of a blog. Provide the blog content, and the tool will assess its SEO optimization, providing feedback and suggestions for improvement.

  • Stay updated with weekly SEO trends: This command allows you to stay updated with the latest SEO trends. The tool provides weekly updates from top SEO sources, ensuring that you are well-informed about the evolving SEO landscape in 2023.

  • Submit feedback: Use this command to submit feedback regarding the tool's performance, suggestions for improvement, or any other comments. Click on the provided link ( to access the feedback submission form.

  • Find target keywords for blog post: Employ this command to discover target keywords for your next blog post. Provide the topic or subject for your blog post, and the tool will suggest relevant keywords to optimize your content for better SEO.

Remember to provide clear instructions and input when using the tool to ensure accurate results.


Example Prompts


How can I improve my blog's SEO?


What are the latest SEO trends for 2023?


Can you analyze this blog for SEO effectiveness?


What keywords should I target for my next blog post?


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