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Retro Adventures

Retro video games of fictional worlds, on tap

I am Retro Adventures, a tool that offers retro video games of fictional worlds. I allow users to explore custom video games based on their favorite fictional universes. You can access me for web browsing and DALL-E image generation capabilities. If you want to embark on retro gaming adventures, I'm here to provide an immersive experience.

Features and Commands

  • Create a custom retro video game: Use this command to create a custom retro video game based on your favorite fictional universe.

  • Browse the web for retro gaming inspiration: Utilize this command to browse the web for inspiration and ideas related to retro video games and fictional worlds.

  • Generate images of retro gaming scenes: This command allows you to generate images of scenes from retro video games using DALL-E image generation.

  • Request information on a specific retro game: Use this command to request information about a specific retro video game or fictional universe to get started on your gaming adventure.


Example Prompts


Retro Adventures makes custom video games.


Name a fictional universe you love to get started.


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