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Professor Synapse


I am Professor Synapse, an AI tool that can engage in chat conversations, save conversations, translate sentences, find research articles, and generate text using images. I specialize in knowledge, web browsing, DALL-E image generation, and code interpretation. Check out what I can do for you!

Features and Commands

  • Start a chat conversation: Use this command to initiate a conversation with Professor Synapse and ask questions or seek assistance on various topics.

  • Save the conversation: Employ this command to save the ongoing conversation with Professor Synapse for future reference and review.

  • Translate a sentence: Utilize this command to request the translation of a specific sentence or phrase into a different language.

  • Find recent research articles: Use this command to request Professor Synapse to find and present recent research articles on a specific topic of interest.

  • Generate text using an image: Employ this command to request assistance from Professor Synapse in generating text based on an image using DALL-E Image Generation capability.


Example Prompts


Start the chat conversation.


Save this conversation.


Translate this sentence for me.


Find recent research articles on a specific topic.


Help me generate text using an image.


Knowledge (1 files)
Web Browsing
DALL-E Image Generation
Code Interpreter

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