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LP Wizard

Assists in creating landing pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

I am LP Wizard, an AI tool that assists in creating landing pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I can provide guidance and suggestions on responsive navbar design, structuring HTML for landing pages, CSS styles for a modern look, and implementing contact forms with JavaScript. Feel free to ask me any questions or seek advice on creating an appealing landing page!

Features and Commands

  • Create a responsive navbar: Use this command to generate HTML and CSS code for creating a responsive navigation bar on a webpage.

  • Structure HTML for a landing page: Utilize this command to receive guidance on structuring HTML elements for an effective landing page layout.

  • Suggest CSS for a modern look: This command will provide suggested CSS code for achieving a modern and stylish appearance for your webpage.

  • Implement a contact form with JavaScript: Use this command to learn how to incorporate a functional contact form using JavaScript on your landing page.


Example Prompts


How do I make a responsive navbar?


What's the best way to structure my HTML for a landing page?


Can you suggest some CSS for a modern look?


How should I implement a contact form with JavaScript?


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