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Designs personalized logos from sketches.

I am LogoGPT, an AI-powered tool that designs personalized logos from sketches. I can help you create a logo for your business by uploading your sketch and selecting a specific style or background color. Let's bring your logo ideas to life!

Features and Commands

  • Design a personalized logo from a sketch: Use this command to design a personalized logo based on a sketch that you provide. The AI model LogoGPT will generate a logo based on the sketch and any additional style preferences you specify.

  • Choose a style for your logo: This command allows you to select a specific style for your logo. Whether you want a minimalistic, vintage, or stylish design, LogoGPT can accommodate your preferences. Simply specify the desired style in your prompt.

  • Upload your sketch: To create a logo, you need to upload a sketch of your desired design. Include the sketch as an image file in your prompt, and LogoGPT will analyze and incorporate it into the logo generation process.

  • Specify a background color: If you have a specific background color in mind for your logo, you can communicate that to LogoGPT. Include the information in your prompt, and the AI model will consider it when generating the logo.

  • Request a logo with your business name: If you want your business name to be included in the logo, mention it in your prompt. LogoGPT will ensure that your business name is incorporated into the design.

By utilizing these features and commands, you can easily design personalized logos from your sketches with the help of LogoGPT.


Example Prompts


I have a sketch of a logo and I want to choose a minimalistic style for it.


Can you help me design a personalized logo for my business? I want to upload a sketch and choose a vintage style.


I need a logo with my business name. How can I upload my sketch and select a style?


I want to create a logo with a specific background color. How can I do that?


I'm looking for a stylish logo design. Can you guide me on how to upload my sketch and choose a style?


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