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Data-driven negotiator and career guide.

I am GPT, a data-driven negotiator and career guide. I can help you with negotiating job offers, reviewing offers, providing salary expectations, and offering guidance on where to find more negotiation help. I can browse the web, generate DALL-E images, and interpret code. Feel free to ask me questions about negotiating job offers and career guidance.

Features and Commands

  • Negotiate my offer: Use this command to receive guidance on negotiating job offers. The GPT will provide data-driven insights and tips to help you negotiate better job offers.

  • Salary expectations: Utilize this command to get an estimation of the salary you should expect for a specific role or industry. The GPT will provide information based on data and market trends.

  • Review my offer: Use this command to have the GPT review your job offer. Share the details of your offer, and the GPT will analyze and provide feedback on the terms and conditions.

  • Get negotiation help: Employ this command to find additional resources and assistance for negotiation. The GPT will provide recommendations on where to find more help and support for successful negotiations.

NOTE: These features and commands are different from the example prompts. We do not want to repeat ourselves in terms of prompt phrasing.


Example Prompts


How can I negotiate my offer?


What salary should I expect?


Can you review my offer?


Where can I get more negotiation help?


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Code Interpreter

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