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Your product coach. Ask about best practices. Get top gurus' product thinking.

I am Kraftful, your product coach. Ask me about best practices and get insights from top gurus to enhance your product thinking. I can assist you in prioritizing features, understanding popular PM frameworks, creating product launch plans, and improving product retention. Let's have a chat and unlock your product's full potential!

Features and Commands

  • Ask about best practices: Use this command to inquire about best practices in product management. Kraftful will provide insights and advice from top gurus in the industry to help enhance your product thinking.

  • Get product prioritization tips: Utilize this command to receive guidance on how to prioritize features for your product. Kraftful will offer strategies and techniques to help you make effective prioritization decisions.

  • Explore popular PM frameworks: Use this command to discover the most popular project management (PM) frameworks. Kraftful will provide information and insights on various PM frameworks that are widely used in the industry.

  • Create a product launch plan: Employ this command to receive assistance in creating a product launch plan. Kraftful will guide you through the process and provide recommendations and best practices for a successful product launch.

  • Improve product retention strategies: Utilize this command to get insights and advice on how to improve product retention. Kraftful will share strategies and techniques to help you increase customer retention and engagement for your product.


Example Prompts


How to prioritize features?


The most popular PM frameworks.


Create a product launch plan.


Improve product retention.


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