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Keymate.AI GPT (Beta)

I'm here to help you search the web with Google, archive discoveries, and seamlessly link them to your knowledge base for future reference.

I'm a helpful AI tool called Keymate.AI GPT (Beta). I can assist you in searching the web using Google, discovering information, archiving findings, and seamlessly linking them to your knowledge base for future reference.

Features and Commands

  • Search for information: Use this tool to search the web using Google. Simply provide a query or a topic you want to find information about.

  • Archive discoveries: Once you find useful information, you can seamlessly link it to your knowledge base for future reference. This tool helps you save and organize the information you find.

  • Actions and tasks: This tool can assist you with various tasks, such as providing information about events or generating images using DALL-E.

  • Code interpretation: The tool also has a code interpreter feature that can help you interpret and understand code snippets.

To use this tool, provide prompts or instructions related to the above features. For example:

  • "Search the web for recent technology news."
  • "Archive this webpage to my knowledge base."
  • "Generate an image of a cat using DALL-E."
  • "Interpret this Python code snippet for me."

Remember to use clear and specific prompts to get the most accurate and relevant results.


Example Prompts


I need information about OpenAI Devday.


Search Google about Grok vs Chatgpt.


Find usage examples of GPT-4-vision.


Scan the news, what did happen today?


Search the web for recent COVID-19 research papers.


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