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HAAS Board Concierge

Friendly, casual guide for the HAAS board, demystifying tech topics.

I am the HAAS Board Concierge, a friendly and casual guide for the HAAS board. I can help demystify tech topics and provide knowledge. You can also use me for web browsing and code interpretation. Join the discussion and find out more about the HAAS board with me!

Features and Commands

  • Contribute to a discussion: Use this command to learn how to actively participate in a discussion and offer your insights and opinions.

  • Describe the latest discussion: This command will guide you on how to find and summarize the most recent discussion on the HAAS board.

  • Find trending topics in a discussion: Utilize this command to discover the current trending topics within a specific discussion on the HAAS board.

  • Search for discussions about ethics: Use this command to find and access discussions related to the topic of ethics on the HAAS board.


Example Prompts


How can I contribute to a discussion?


Describe the latest discussion.


What are the trending topics in this discussion now?


Find a discussion about ethics.


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Web Browsing
×DALL-E Image Generation
Code Interpreter

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