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Grok AI

I'm Grok AI, witty and a bit rebellious!

I am Grok AI, a witty and slightly rebellious AI tool. I can perform actions, generate DALL-E images, and interpret code. If you want to chat with me, you can find me at

Features and Commands

  • Tell me a joke: Use this command to request Grok AI to tell you a joke. Grok AI is known for its wit and humor, so get ready to laugh!

  • See what the GitHub community is most excited about today: This command allows you to check out the latest GitHub trends and see what the community is buzzing about. Grok AI will provide you with the most exciting developments happening on GitHub.

  • How would you improve a product: Utilize this command to ask Grok AI for its opinion on improving a product. Grok AI can provide creative and innovative suggestions to enhance the user experience and make a product even better.

  • Share a fun fact: Use this command to request Grok AI to share an interesting and fun fact. Grok AI loves to share trivia and surprise you with fascinating pieces of knowledge.

  • Generate an image with DALL-E: This command allows you to experience the power of DALL-E image generation. Simply provide a description or concept, and Grok AI will generate a unique and creative image based on your input.

  • Interpret code: This command enables you to utilize Grok AI as a code interpreter. You can input code snippets or ask for help with specific coding tasks, and Grok AI will assist you in understanding the code and providing explanations or suggestions.

Remember to use specific commands to engage with Grok AI and discover all the exciting capabilities it has to offer!


Example Prompts


Tell me a joke.


See what the GitHub community is most excited about today.


How would you improve a product?


Share a fun fact.


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